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Highlighting a Mentor...
What are members saying about the profession and the association? Winnie Furnari, a member from Bergen, says the association has educated her out of the classroom on all matters of the profession. Read More

Congratulations to Winnie Furnari (Bergen)

Winner of 2015 NJDHA Fran Fluhr Award for Outstanding Service

Winnie was nominated by Kim Attanasi (Northern). The nominating essay noted, "she has mentored members into their responsibilities and has shown a willingness to help others and see them succeed while always keeping in mind the true mission and goals of NJDHA." Winnie was presented her award during Opening Session at the Garden State Conference on 10.17.15.

Winner of 2016 ADHA Educator of the Year Award
Winnie was nominated by Kim Attanasi (Northern) and will receive her award at the ADHA Pittsburgh meeting. This will occur during the Saturday 6.11.16 Awards presentation. Be sure to attend and cheer for Winnie! Click here to read the nominating essay

Member Meeting 5.15.16

Member Meeting 6.16.16

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Gunda Brakas, RDH,MS - Bergen Component Memorial Posting
by Maria Workman

Gunda Brakus passed away February 4, 2015 in Hackensack NJ. She started her professional career as a dental hygienist at the Danish Embassy in Morocco, followed by several years in Zurich, Switzerland before teaching. Gunda taught at Bergen Community College from 1975 until a few years ago when she retired. She went on to work at NYU in the Dental Hygiene Division with Cheryl Westpahl, Lisa Stefanou, Fern Dembner, Winnie Furnari, Rosemary Hayes, Rhoda Gladstone, Ann Goodwin (before she passed away) and Eva Lupovici. Gunda retired from NYU as Associate Professor and dedicated supporter of the College of Dental Medicine.  She was instrumental in helping to establish the annual Patricia McLean Dental Hygiene Symposium. Gunda was a remarkable person and mentored countless dental hygiene students who studied at Bergen CC. She was a member of the BCDHA as far back as 1975 but was most active with the Columbia University Alumni Dental group. Gunda worked for a long time in Dental Hygiene and she attended every meeting BCDHA held. We miss her presence as we do others who have passed away too soon.

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Bergen Component Meeting
11.16.16 at bonefish

Dinner, lots of prizes, and two great speakers:
Put the Power in Your Hands for 2 CEUs
Speaker: Wendy Bebey, RDH, BS
Clinical Educational Manager, Hu-Friedy, Mfg., LLC
Great American Smoke-Out Overview for 2 CEUs
Speaker: Albert Ferrara, Jr.
Coordinator, Hudson Chronic Disease Coalition Tobacco-Free Initiative

Monday, June 12, 2017
Click here to download registration

Rail yard Tavern
Fair Lawn NJ
5:45-6:00 Registration, 6-9 dinner and 3 CEUs

“Infection Control: Be in Control” Essential Infection Control and Sterilization Practices for All Dental Professionals
Satisfies New York Infection Control Requirement

Speaker: Christine Casile, RDH, BA, Rutgers Faculty

Bergen Component Meeting

2.28.17 at Bonefish Grill with Speaker Dr. Jason Alster on Treating Medically Complex Patients and Current Guidelines

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Bergen Component Meeting

Monday, April 3, 2017 at Biagio's Restaurant, Paramus.
Great courses from CE speakers Dr. Vita and Jodie
Heimbach; NJDHA Event Planner Kathy Sinatra
joined us as well!

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