New Jersey
Dental Hygienists' Association
NJDHA Administrative Policies
last amended July 2020
This document describes the standards and methods for conducting NJDHA business. It can only be amended by the Board of Trustees.

NJDHA Bylaws
last amended 7.11.21
This document describes the basic role of the association along with basic membership and leadership information.

NJDHA Policies
last updated June 2021
These documents list the position statements taken by NJDHA and ADHA.

NJDHA Operations Manual
Updated 7.11.21
This document describes jobs for volunteers. It can only be amended by the Board of Trustees.

NJDHA Strategic Plan
last revised 11.1.19
This document describes the focus and work of NJDHA. It can only be changed by the Board of Trustees.

Bill List as of 7.20.20
NJDHA monitors or takes positions on a number of  bills in the NJ legislature. This document provides the list as of 7.20.20.

Meeting List 
Updated 11.19.20
NJDHA represents you and the profession at a variety of meetings.

NJ State Board of Dentistry

website address:
Click on "Meetings" to see dates, agenda, & minutes
Click on "Applications & Forms" for permits & licenses
Click on "Contact Us" to submit comments
Click on "Law & Regulations" to see these documents

Need License Verification in another State?
Template to request from NJSBOD

Lobbyist & Volunteer Board of Dentistry Reports:
1.4.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
2.1.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
3.7.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
4.4.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
5.2.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
6.6.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
7.11.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
8.8.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
9.5.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
10.3.12 NJSBOD Meeting report
12.5.12 NJSBOD Meeting report

1.2.13 NJSBOD Meeting minutes
2.6.13 NJSBOD Meeting report
3.6.13 NJSBOD Meeting report
4.3.13 NJSBOD Meeting report
5.2.13 NJSBOD Meeting report
6.5.13 NJSBOD Meeting report
7.10.13 NJSBOD Meeting Report
9.4.13 NJSBOD Meeting Report
10.2.13 NJSBOD Meeting Report
11.6.13 NJSBOD Meeting Report
12.4.13 NJSBOD Meeting Report

1.8.14 NJSBOD Meeting Report
3.5.14 NJSBOD Meeting Report (partial)
4.2.14 NJSBOD Meeting Report
5.7.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
6.11.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
7.2.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
8.6.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
9.3.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
10.1.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
11.5.14 NJSBOD Meeting report
12.3.14 NJSBOD Meeting report

1.7.15 NJSBOD Meeting report
2.4.15 NJSBOD Meeting Report
4.1.15 NJSBOD Meeting Report CORRECTED
5.6.15 NJSBOD Meeting report
6.3.15 NJSBOD Meeting Report
7.8.15 NJSBOD Meeting Report
10.7.15 NJSBOD Meeting Report
11.4.15 NJSBOD minutes
12.1.15 NJSBOD report

1.6.16 NJSBOD minutes
2.3.16 NJSBOD minutes
3.2.16 NJSBOD Report
4.6.16 NJSBOD report
5.4.16 NJSBOD Report
6.1.16 NJSBOD minutes
7.6.16 NJSBOD report
8.3.16 NJSBOD minutes
9.7.16 NJSBOD Minutes
10.19.16 NJSBOD minutes
11.2.16 NJSBOD minutes
12.7.16 NJSBOD Report

1.4.17 NJSBOD minutes
2.22.17 NJSBOD report
4.5.17 NJSBOD minutes
5.3.17 NJSBOD report
6.7.17 NJSBOD minutes
8.3.17 NJSBOD Report
9.6.17 NJSBOD minutes
10.4.17 NJSBOD Report
12.6.17 NJSBOD Report

2.7.18 NJSBOD Report
4.4.18 NJSBOD minutes
5.2.18 NJSBOD minutes
6.6.18 NJSBOD minutes
7.11.18 NJSBOD report
8.8.18 NJSBOD minutes
9.5.18 NJSBOD minutes
10.3.18 NJSBOD Report
11.7.18 NJSBOD Report
12.5.18 NJSBOD Report

1.9.19 NJSBOD Report​
2.6.19 NJSBOD minutes
​​3.6.19 NJSBOD Report
4.3.19 NJSBOD Report
5.1.19 NJSBOD
6.5.19 NJSBOD
7.10.19 NJSBOD Report
8.7.19 NJSBOD
10.2.19 NJSBOD
11.6.19 NJSBOD
12.4.19 NJSBOD

1.8.20 NJSBOD
2.5.20 NJSBOD
3.4.20 NJSBOD Minutes
6.3.20 NJSBOD
7.8.20 NJSBOD
9.2.20 NJSBOD ​ ​​
​10.7.20 NJSBOD report
11.4.20 NJSBOD report​
12.2.20 NJSBOD report​

1.6.21 NJSBOD report​​
2.3.21 NJSBOD report
3.3.21 NJSBOD report​
4.7.21 NJSBOD report
​5.5.21 NJSBOD report
6.2.21 NJSBOD report
​​7.7.21 NJSBOD report
8.4.21 NJSBOD report
9.1.21 NJSBOD report
10.6.21 NJSBOD report

NJDHA Reports:

July 2021 Letter to Governor re: Conditional Veto A.5212
Recommends conditional veto until RDHs can be included in the bill.

May 2021 Letter to NJSBOD re: Teledentistry
Support for regulation providing for ruse of teledentistry

May 2021 Letter to NJSBOD re RDH Scope in Schools
Support for regualtion allowing RDH to do prophys in schools along wiht sealants

January 2021 Letter ​​to NJSBOD re Advisory Committee 
Letter ​requesting Advisory Committee comprised of various dental professionals 

November 2020 President's letter to DoH​​
Letter NJ Dept of Health regarding Vaccination Plan for Hygienists ​​

October 2020 President's letter to Gov. Murphy
Letter to Gov. Murphy regarding Vaccination Plan for Hygienists​

May 2020 Report on Return to Work
Recommendations provided by NJDHA in regards to Covid19 crisis
May 2020 letter to membership
Covid19 information

March 2020 letter to Governor Murphy
Advocacy during Covid19 crisis

February 2019 NJDHA letter to US Senators
Advocate for dental care inclusion in Medicare

April 2018 ADHA Memo
Billing Cycle to change to Winter only; quarterly payments continue to be available.

November 2017 NJDHA Letter to US Senators & Reps.
Assuring children have access to care.

December 2017 Task Force Charges
What is each task force charged with accomplishing.

August 2017 United Way Press Release
NJDHA Provides School-based Assessment & Fluoride Varnish at JFK Elementary

May 2017 United Way Press Release
NJDHA Assists Low-income Mothers & Children in United Way of Central Jersey Program

April 2017 Letter to GOV, US Senators & Reps
Assuring access to care for children.

RDH Interested in Serving on BOD

Currently, the dental hygiene profession is represented by one dental hygienist on the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry (NJSBOD). NJDHA congratulates Linda Hecker (Central) who was appointed in 2015!

Not withstanding Linda’s service, NJDHA must stay prepared. Appointments are limited to two terms. NJDHA continues to legislatively seek additional seats for RDHs. Unforeseen challenges can bring new opportunities at any time. NJDHA must be ready to make recommendations whenever needed.

NJDHA has compiled a list of dental hygienists who are interested in appointment to the BOD. Only the New Jersey Governor can make the appointment to the BOD, but he is required to give consideration to the recommendations of NJDHA. If an opening occurs, the NJDHA Board of Trustees would consult this list, and vote on appropriate name/s to be endorsed. Those names would be submitted to the Governor's office for consideration.

Are you interested in guiding the profession into the future? Consider serving the profession through appointment to the BOD. To submit your name for consideration by NJDHA, Click Here to see the Criteria & Biodata. Complete the form and return to Central Office

Need any additional info? Please send questions to Central Office  - all inquiries will be kept confidential.

ADHA Benefit Hub for NJDHA Members

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To see all the Affinity Programs ADHA has to offer, go to the Member Resources section and click Member Benefits.

Member Benefit

Study Clubs provide one free CEU from the comfort of your home via  Zoom. 

NJ Coalition on Oral Health Access for Speacial Needs Groups (formerly known as NJC on Oral Health for the Aging)  is our co-sponsor for these opportunities.

Study Clubs are usually planed for February, May, September, & November . 

For information, contact 

NJDHA Community Service Outcomes

Your volunteerism & donations are always welcome!  Students - you too, can participate.  Contact Central Office for more info.

Head Start Days

8.3.17 Jamesburg
11.17 & 30.17 Hamilton Head Start

5.22 & 24.18 Jamesburg

Oral Cancer Screenings

10.14.16 Pennsville NJ

3.27.17 Hillside Senior Center
9.23.17 Rahway Senior Center
10.19.17 Salem County

5.7.18 Elizabeth Senior center
10.11.18 Salem County Disabilities Awareness Day

Prevention Days at EIC

4.18.16 3rd Grade Day
12.14.16 3rd Grade day

3.10.17 3rd grade day
4.12.17 Special Needs day

3.20.18 3rd grade day
3.27.18 Special Needs day
4.17.18 Senior day

3.12.19 special needs day
3.16.19 3rd grade day
4.16.19 geriatrics day
10.1.19 geriatrics day

New Jersey's New Paid Sick Leave Law

Can Benefit RDHs - How Does This Law Affect Your Job?
Signed into law 5.2.18, Takes effect 10.29.18

Click Here to Read the Fact Sheet


ADHA Work on
Dentistry & Dental Hygiene Interstate Compact
Webinar hosted by The Council of State Governments.
August 2021
We appreciate your interest in this opportunity to enhance license portability for the dental professions. A recording of the webinar and the slides used in the presentation can be found at

If we can provide additional information, answer questions or provide technical assistance please email us at or visit

National Center for Interstate Compacts
The Council of State Governments
1776 Avenue of the States, Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 244-8000

Find Out About ADHA constituents' work on Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene Workforce Issues

Click here for Dental Therapy - includes NJDHA!
April 2021

Click Here for Dental Hygiene Workforce
April 2021

Zufall Dental & American Dental Association

Train to become a Community Dental Health Coordinator at Zufall at no cost & receive an ADA Certification as a CDHC. In partnership with ADA, Zufall Health is offering Community Dental Health Coordinator Education & Training opportunities.
Click Here for more info on the program