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"Guideline on Behavior Guidance for the Pediatric Dental Patient" from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Reference Manual of Clinical Guidelines

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Ask Your Dental Hygienist About Proper Oral Health Care for Children

Ask Your Dental Hygienist about Proper Oral Health Care for Adolescents

Fluoride Facts


PEW Trusts June 2013 Issue Brief "In Search of Dental Care"
Two Types of Dentist Shortages Limit Children’s
Access to Care

Healthy People 2020Oral Health
The significant improvement in the oral health of Americans over the past 50 years is a public health success story. Most of the gains are a result of effective prevention and treatment efforts. One major success is community water fluoridation, which now benefits about 7 out of 10 Americans who get water through public water systems. However, some Americans do not have access to preventive programs. Objectives in this topic area address a number of areas for public health improvement, including the need to:
  • Increase awareness of the importance of oral health to overall health and well-being.
  • Increase acceptance and adoption of effective preventive interventions.
  • Reduce disparities in access to effective preventive and dental treatment services.
NIDCR Dental Caries
The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) has been an important source of information on oral health and dental care in the United States since the early 1970s. Info is available by age on trends in dental caries as well as detailed caries data from the most recent survey (1999-2004).


Dental Hygienists are education and prevention specialists working to improve the total health of all populations. The New Jersey Dental Hygienists' Assocaiton:
  • supports broadening the scope of dental hygiene practice through state dental hygiene and/or dental practice acts to meet the health care needs of the public. This would enable the dental hygienist to provide preventive and therapeutic services to all people.
  • supports the use of systemic and topical fluoride, sealants and other preventive modalities to reduce the incidence of dental caries.
  • advocates an oral assessment and establishment of a dental home for all children soon after eruption of the 1st primary tooth or by 12 months of age.
  • supports expanding access within the dental hygiene scope of practice for comprehensive oral health programs and services that reach populations in need.
  • advocates that dental hygiene practice is an integral component of the health care delivery system and that dental hygiene care may be delivered with direct access to dental hygienists in collaborative practice with other health care professionals within the overall context of the health needs of all populations.


Sealant Science

American Academy of Pediatrics
Risk assessment tool

American Dental Association
Oral Health Topic: Sealants

School-Based Sealant Program Science

CDC on School-Based Sealant Programs

Sealant Education For the Patient

CDC on “Dental Sealants”

Sealant Policy Partners

PEW Charitable Trusts: Children’s Dental Policy

American Association for Community Dental Programs
To see a variety of resources

How to Set Up a Sealant Program

Maternal & Child health on School-based Sealant Programs (curriculum for RDH, based on OH program)

MN Department of Health on “MN School-based Dental Sealant Program Manual” (manual for developing a sealant program)

MD Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, Office of Oral health on Dental Sealant Guidelines and Operations Manual (manual for developing a sealant program)

Attention NJ RDHs!

Pediatrics - Oral Health Wellness Website
NJDHA has been working with the American Academy of Pediatrics NJ Chapter “Pediatric Health Home Subcommittee”, thanks to the efforts of Yvonne Goldman (N). This subcommittee has developed a website through the funding of DentaQuest & Delta Dental grants. The website provides not only oral health info, but info on accessing pediatric providers & insurers. The resources page lists dental clinics in NJ, including the dental & dental hygiene educational programs. The sponsor scroll includes NJDHA along with Rutgers Dental, AAPNJ, NJDA and, NJAPD.

Join the New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics Oral Health 2020 Initiative -
A Pediatric and Adult Oral Health Wellness Campaign

NJDHA has aligned with the NJ Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics to work toward the establishment of a dental home by age one.  NJ-AAP, working with a variety of stakeholders including NJDHA, NJDA, & NJAPD, presents events to bring together pediatricians, pediatric dentists and RDHs.
Click here to read more about the program
Click here to see a recent webinar PowerPoint report click here

"Pediatrics" the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

AAP / Bright Smiles Periodicity Schedule
Updated to reflect the need for FL varnish in children 6mos-5years.

Policy Statement
Maintaining & Improving the Oral Health of Young Children

To see Clinical Guidelines available from the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry click here

To see the Pediatric Oral Health Research & Policy Center of the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry click here

To see a PowerPoint developed by NJDHA-member Jean Rath, click here    NOTE: this presentation is undergoing copyright protection.  You may contact Jean Rath for continuing education presentations. Contact through Central Office


Children's Dental Health Project
"Fluoridation Advocacy; PEW's Contributions & Lessons That Emerge"
Case studies on success, and failure, in achieving water fluoridation.

Pew Trust has issued an "F" to NJ's water fluoridation efforts, with only 14.6% NJ citizens with access to water fluoridation as per CDC.

Click here to see CDC statistics for all states as per 2014 - New Jersey ranks 49 out of 50..

Campaign for Dental Health "Life is Better with Teeth"

Campaign for Dental Health: Life is Better with Teeth
How Can I Do More?

ADHA ListServe
Scroll down to Public Health Listserv and enter your info - Ask “how did you” questions and receive answers from all across the US

NJDHA Prevention Task Force
NJDHA partners with Eastern International College Dental Hygiene Program to provide prevention for Special Needs Chidlren and 3rd Graders in Jersey City.

Pediatrics Task Force
NJDHA develops a Pediatrics Study Club and works with the American Academy of Pediatrics of NJ  to advance access to care for NJ children.

Contact Executive Director Becky Pugh for more info.


KinderSmile Foundation is the 'Dental Home' for many uninsured and underserved children in NJ (Bloomfield, Montclair, Irvington, Orange, East Orange and Newark). They accept Medicaid and Managed Care insurances, as well as uninsured children. Children from Preschools, Daycare Centers, Head Start programs and Early Childhood Centers are transported to KSCOHC for dental services. The center provides oral health education & prevention, as well as wellness programs for uninsured pregnant women & new mothers. In community service, KinderSmile invites local high school students to shadow dental professionals & assist with conducting oral educational workshops for children. Partnership with the Community Food Bank of Newark & other community organizations will increase oral disease awareness and access for many. KSCOHC will be open 6 days a week, including evening hours for working parents. Please join us as we build healthier communities. For more info or to volunteer, contact:
Dr. Sara Kalambur, Program Director

PEDIATRICS and the dental hygienist