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What’s Coming Up?

3.1.21 CWT Scholarship Apps. Open, Due 9.1

​3.1.21 CK Nominations Open, Due 8.1

3.1.21 FF Nominations Open, Due 8.1​​​

7.11.21 NJDHA BOT Conference Call
9.12.21 Northern Meeting

9.12.21 Southern Meeting

9.22.21 Study Club

9.26.21 SouthShore Meeting

10.1.21 IOH Scholarship Apps Open - 2.1.22 due

10.3.21 Central Meeting

10.22.21 NJDHA BOT Meeting

10.23.21 NJDHA Annual Conference

11.1.21 IOH Applications Community Service Grants open, due 2.28.22

11.1.21 IOH Applications Open: Research grants; due 3.31.22

11.7.21 Central Meeting

11.9.21 Bergen Meeting

11.14.21 Southern Meeting

11.14.21 Northern meeting

11.14.21 SouthShore Meeting

11.17.21 Study Club

12.11.21 LCCE



​​During this uncertain time of trying to navigate dentistry through a pandemic, we have seen many New Jersey dental hygienists that have become leaders and advocates for our profession! 

We love and embrace this enthusiasm, and would love for you to apply your passions in moving our profession forward by joining the NJDHA team!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit the ADHA membership page and you will automatically be enrolled in the NJDHA. ​​​​

If you are already a member and interested in playing an active role in either our state or component activity, please email our central office for more information!

NJDHA at ADHA's 2019 Annual Conference:

ADHA 19 - D2
ADHA 6.23.19 WF AADH greetings
ADHA 6.24.19 - D2 dinner
ADHA 6.25.19 - NJ delegates HOD
ADHA 6.24.19 - MB JK D2 dinner
ADHA 19 - D2  (2)
ADHA 6.23.19 - WF SV KA FO reception
ADHA 6.23.19 - WF SV AC KA FO reception
ADHA 6.23.19 - WF IOH LIaison  (2)
ADHA 6.23.19 - FO D2 discussion
ADHA 6.23.19 - WF IOH LIaison
ADHA 6.23.19 - Jaci award
ADHA 6.23.19 - SV KA reception
ADHA 6.23.19 - WF D2 discussion
ADHA 6.23.19 - JK D2 discussion
ADHA 6.22.19 - LZ PRES dinner
ADHA 6.22.19 - SV JK PRES dinner
ADHA 6.22.19 - MB CE
ADHA 6.22.19 - JK KA PRES dinner
ADHA 6.22.19 - LZ MB PRES dinner
ADHA 6.22.19 - JK reception
ADHA 6.22.19 - KA reception
ADHA 6.22.19 - LA FZ LH Reception
ADHA 6.22.19 - BP GM CE
ADHA 6.22.19 - D2 Pres dinner
ADHA 6.22.19 - EM leaving exhibits
ADHA 6.22.19 - FZ CE
ADHA 6.22.19 - AC SV reception

Veterans Smile Day Foundation

Free Veteran Dental Care
Look out for 2021 information!!

Pictures from Veterans Day 2019:

VSD 2019 (4)
VSD 2019 (3)
VSD 2019 (2)
VSD 2019 (1)
VSD 2019 (5)
AC 19 FER01618
AC 19 FER01605
AC 19 FER01598
AC 19 FER01515
AC 19 FER01503

3 CE Modules of Interest to RDHs!

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM), in partnership with the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM), and through a HRSA Dental Workforce Grant awarded to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJ DOH), is now offering, for free, three one-hour courses for dental professionals (dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants), providing standardized, evidence-based opioid addiction prevention education.

The modules are developed to train and inform dentists, dental specialists, and dental professionals on best practices in opioid prescribing in accordance with New Jersey laws and CDC guidelines; common pain medications; and common pain management strategies and instruction on how to refer dental patients to medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

The courses will be available in enduring online videos beginning Friday, May 29, 2020.
Please click on the below links for more information, and to register now (it is open):

Module I: Best Practices for Prescribing Opioids Using New Jersey and CDC’s Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

Module II: Overview of Pain Medications for Dentistry

Module III: Pain Management Strategies and Referral to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Institute for Oral Health

NEW THIS YEAR - TAROT CARD READINGS   Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by drawing and interpreting cards. Text for online appointment for Tarot Card Reading and mention "DENTAL HYGIENISTS" at 914-819-7929. Just $25 for 10 minute reading. A percentage is donated to IOH.

Direct Donations to NJDHA goal!
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Closing America's Oral Health Care Gap
Comprehensive Oral health care remains out of reach for millions of people in the United States. This is particularly true for those with low incomes, those in rural communities and those in communities of color. Some prm vncvomic opportunity, affordable housing, healthful food options, access to sufficient health insurance or enough financial resources, struggle with significant barriers to receiving timely and quality dental care. The lack of access to routine care can lead to serious dental disease and is tied to several chronic illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease and stroke. What will it take to improve access and quality of oral care for Americans, especially for the most vulnerable?​ Click Here to watch the video!

Find all the links you need related to practice & vaccination during COVID19.

Online Self-Study
Ethics Course

As reported, the NJDHA Ethics Course is now online! This course will fulfill dental hygiene licensee’s prospective NJSBOD requirement to complete one hour of continuing education concerning professional ethics.

Take this 1 CEU course from the convenience of home – one CEU in Ethics.  Low cost - $10 for members, $20 for nonmembers.

To register and pay via credit card,

Click Here

Find all you need to know on award nominations, scholarship application, and past recipients!​