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It's Time for Dental Hygiene License Renewal!
As per the NJ State Board of Dentistry:


The next biennial licensing period for dental hygienists is January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023.

To renew their licenses, Board regulations require dental hygienists to have taken a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education in the current biennial licensing period (January 2020 through December 2021).

For this year’s renewal, in that 20-hour total, dental hygienists must have taken two hours of required coursework: one hour in prescription opioids and one hour in infection control and prevention.

NOTE: Licensed hygienists who graduated from a dental hygiene program in 2020 must complete 10 hours of continuing education to renew. Licensed hygienists who graduated from a dental hygiene program in 2021 are exempt from continuing education requirements for the upcoming renewal.


Due to the pandemic, the Division of Consumer Affairs entered an administrative order in April 2020 in effect during the public health emergency through January 11, 2022. Under that order, licensees and registrants may count courses taken remotely (online) toward live continuing education requirements.

NOTE: remote courses require a post-test, but the Board will accept watching recorded webinars that do not have a post-test toward live hour requirements.

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Prevention Days

Easter International College Dental Hygiene Program continues prevention days for 3rd grader, special needs, and geriatric patients. Once again, NJDHA and NJ Coalition on Oral Health Access for Special Needs Groups (NJCOHA) are co-sponsoring these three events to be held during the Fall semester. Many thanks to Premier Dental for their generous donation of fluoride varnish and sealants.
Tarot Card Reading:  Have some fun with this. Text for appointment Janny Di at 914-819-7929. Mention Dental Hygienist. It is $25 for 10 minutes and IOH gets a donation from it.

Digital Art and Photo Rendering: will also donate to IOH from sales. Visit for creative and out of the box renderings. Mention IOH.