NJ Coalition on Oral Health Access for Special Needs Groups

(NJCOHA)(formerly known as NJ Coalition for the Aging)


The New Jersey Coalition for Oral Health Access for Special Needs Groups (NJCOHA) mission is to improve the oral health of special needs groups through advocacy, professional education, public education, and research by focusing on prevention, health promotion, and evidence-based practices.


To be the leading organization where oral health and other professionals meet, communicate, exchange ideas, and work together to improve oral health for people with special needs.


To be a resource for providers of care for the aging and other special needs groups

  • Share webinars of interest among the members
  • Share resource documents of interest among members
  • Provide four study clubs each year
  • Provide a community service grant for
  • Support Senior Smiles program

To promote the implementation of policies that support evidence based strategies that provide optimal oral health for the aging and other special needs groups

  • Comment on National Legislative & Regulatory issues
  • Comment on NJ legislative & regulatory issues

To develop collaborative partnerships that address the oral health needs of the aging and special needs populations
Attend community meetings, including but not limited to NJOHC, NJAAW, NJ Family Care (Medicaid), NJAAP.SHNC, etc.Attend member organizations meetings support community service projects, such as health fairs, screenings, care-delivery, demonstration projects, and more. Manage task force reports of interest.