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Congratulations to Winnie Furnari (Bergen)

Winner of 2019 ADHA Institute for Oral Health Liaison of the Year Award
Winnie received her award at the 2019 ADHA Louisville Annual Conference.

Winner of 2016 ADHA Educator of the Year Award
Winnie was nominated by Kim Attanasi (Northern) and received her award at the ADHA Pittsburgh meeting.

Winner of 2015 NJDHA Fran Fluhr Award for Outstanding Service Winnie was nominated by Kim Attanasi (Northern). The nominating essay noted, "she has mentored members into their responsibilities and has shown a willingness to help others and see them succeed while always keeping in mind the true mission and goals of NJDHA." Winnie was presented her award during Opening Session at the Garden State Conference on 10.17.15.

2018 ADHAAnnual Conference
in Columbus OH
Winnie Furnari, RDH, MS, FAADH, FAAFS (Bergen)
, NJDHA Liaison to the ADHA Institute of Oral Health was recognized for serving & chairing the Scholarship Review Committee for 4 years and the Community Service Grant Committee for the past 4 years. KUDOS!

2022 Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award
This prestigious award is presented each year to recognize the distinguished career of a worthy individual who has consistently and effectively contributed to the enrichment of the dental hygiene profession.

2022 First Professional Membership Award

Latanya Williams

A beautiful soul left this earth when Latanya passed away on August 26, 2019. She was a true people person and enjoyed her family and friends.

She was thoughtful, generous and caring, always supportive of her extended family. She was very accepting and non-judgmental of all persons.

Last year Latanya won the Fran Flur Award and was chosen to go to Unleash Your
Potential through ADHA.

 For many years she was an integral part of NJDHA and Bergen component. Her passing will be mourned by so many, and her
gentle soul will be forever in our hearts and minds.

She will be greatly missed.


Maria Workman on behalf of BCDHA Officers and Membership

Sunday, October 23, 2022 8:30 AM-12:30 PM CE: 4

Presented by: Tom Viola, R. PH.

Virtual zoom Format

Local Anesthesia Administration Renewal Course
This course meets NJ Bd. of Dentistry’s Renewal Requirement

for Local Anesthesia Administration.

Please note: this course will provide 4 CE credits whether you hold an anesthesia permit or not.

Special emphasis will be given to patient selection, risk assessment, choice of anesthetic agents, and injection fundamentals.  Participants will be able to recognize and manage any adverse reactions and medical em regencies related to the administration of local anesthesia.  Proper record keeping, current acceptable infection control protocols, quality assurance procedures and basic pharmacology will be reviewed.