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Dr. Alaa Mohson  DHED, Department Chairperson

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Dental Hygiene Accelerated BS Degree Program

In recognition of achieving the highest honors in the graduating class of 2024, Dental
Hygiene Program:

1. Valedictorian – 

Salutatorian Award- 

2. Special Needs Award –
In recognition of your sincere interest and concern for the dental hygiene care of
individuals with special needs

3. Patient Management Award -
In recognition of constantly achieving excellent clinical grades and outstanding patient

4. Cultural Competence Award -
In recognition of your sincere attention for the dental hygiene care of individuals among
professionals that enable effective work in cross-cultural situations

5. Colgate Star Award -
In recognition of your excellence and commitment to the dental hygiene profession by
demonstrating true dedication to the profession

6. NJDHA - Anna Stolarczyk 2024 Gurenlian Leadership Award -
The New Jersey Dental Hygienist Association acknowledges the outstanding leadership

7. Certificate of Appreciation - recognition of always being helpful and willing to go the extra mile

EIC’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Dental Hygiene Program was initially implemented in the spring of 2013. We graduated our first AAS degree in 2015, which included only 20 students. As part of our AAS admissions process, we learned that a significant number of dental hygiene applicants wanted to further their education to earn a BSDH. In response, a 123-semester credit accelerated BSDH program was implemented in 2020 to provide a broad foundation of field-specific general education and science courses designed to expand opportunities beyond the scope of private practice. In May 2023, 58 graduates received their BSDH degree. While the college no longer offers an AAS program, for those students who have earned a previous AAS in Dental Hygiene, we offer an online BSDH Completion Program.


Nominate a faculty member for the Mary Jane Kellogg Dutton Faculty Mentorship Award

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Anna is the 2024 NJDHA Gurenlian Leadership Award winner from Eastern International College.

Congratulations to Anna Stolarczyk!

 On February 6th and 8th, EIC's students, faculty, and volunteers proudly served more than 50 children/adolescents and provided preventative services.

Hudson Pride and EIC Collaboration

EIC 2024 Head Start
 One of EIC's proud networks is with Head Start and the dental hygiene students at EIC are excited to be involved with its community outreach services. They provide hands-on activities and education on nutrition and oral health to our young children. They had the pleasure of visiting Head Start on 3/28/24.

Eastern International College Dental Hygiene Program celebrated the graduation of their dental hygiene students during the pinning on June 6, 2024, at William Paterson University. There were 56 dental hygiene student graduates in the Class of 2024 at EIC. All of the dental hygiene graduates wore graduation regalia at the pinning to include robes, hoods, stoles, and cords. Their satin purple hoods represented the dental hygiene profession. Professor Evelyn Garcia and Dr. Marissa Halum presented the students with their pins on a lanyard during the pinning ceremony, a unique way EIC displays their earned pins. The NJDHA Dr. JoAnn Gurenlian Leadership Award was presented to Anna Stolarczyk by NJDHA President Dr. Stacy Onofrietti. Professor Tiffany Janajreh was the master of ceremonies and organized the pinning.

Congratulations Class of 2024!!!